Deposit Fee

Beldex does not charge for any deposits in crypto.

Trading Fee

  • Beldex charges a minimum amount of a 0.2% trading fee. This trading fee is calculated based on your trading volume for a period of 30 days (in BTC) and the BDX balance in your account.
  • The trading fee will be automatically deducted in BDX if the users hold a sufficient amount of BDX in their accounts. Opting to use BDX for transaction fees will result in a discount on your trading fee. If users do not have a sufficient amount of BDX in their accounts, they cannot make use of the discount.
  • The discount on the trading fee will depend on the age of the account. For a comprehensive list of discounts, see ‘What deductible fee applies to me?’
  • The update cycle for the market price is 1 second.
  • Every day at 00:00 (UTC), your trading volume for the past 30 days will be evaluated and the corresponding tier level, maker fee, and taker fee will be updated after one hour.
  • Maker fee:

    When you add liquidity to our order book by placing a limit sell above the ticker price for selling and a limit buy below the ticker price for buying, you pay the maker fee, if a taker accepts to fill your order.
  • Taker fee:

    When you place an order and remove the liquidity from our order book by agreeing to the highest selling and lowest buying market prices, you pay the taker fee. You will also pay the taker fee when you agree to take/match a limit order placed by a maker. Orders such as the Immediate or Cancel (IOC) and Fill or Kill (FOK) orders follow the taker fee scheme as these orders trade immediately.
  • For example, if the ticker or market price is $7000 per BTC and you agree to buy 1 BTC for the current market price of $7000, you pay the taker fee.
  • Conversely, if you place a limit sell of $7020, which is above the current market price or a limit buy of $6080, which is below the current market price for 1 BTC, then you pay the maker fee if a taker accepts your bid.
  • Hidden order:

    You’ll pay the taker fee if you place a hidden order, as the order goes into the order book only after it is traded. You’ll pay the maker fee if a hidden order matches your limit order, as your limit order goes into the order book before it is traded.

Withdrawal Fee

The withdrawal fees are subject to change with changes in the market. For a complete overview of the withdrawal fee schedule, see below.

CoinMinimum WithdrawalWithdrawal fee

Trading Fee

MarketMaker FeeTaker Fee